Col Fábio Alves da Costa, Brazilian Army

Alumni Association President

Initially, I would like to express how honored I am for being chosen to be the President of the Alumni, representing Graduates and Class 57. The Inter-American Defense College is a 56-year-old institution with a great international recognition and full of traditions. We have Graduates from roughly all the countries of the Americas, among them military, police, diplomats, judges, women and men.


The IADC is a unique organization in our hemisphere, since one of its greatest characteristics is to have four official languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. We are a formidable mix of cultures. This characteristic allows us to carry forward the project of having a great network of cooperation and collaboration in our continent to face the immense multidimensional challenges of today’s world.

I believe we have many challenges for the future as we live in an increasingly globalized world. Distances are getting smaller and the internet enables communication to happen. Therefore, I understand that Alumni can take advantage of such modern tools, and the global and hemispheric context to strengthen our ties, looking to the side and understanding the needs of one another. We are here for you! Count on us! I hope to see you soon.

With the greatest esteem and respect.


Colonel Fábio Alves da Costa joined the Brazilian Army on February 18th, 1989 and was a graduate of the Military Academy (AMAN) - Cavalry Course - Class 1992.

Col Alves da Costa Graduated from the Command and Staff School of the Brazilian Army where he was also an instructor of offensive operations for more than 200 Brazilian officers during two years.

His career represents almost 30 years at service in elite units of the Brazilian Army such as the Commander of the 1st Airborne Cavalry Squad - Sub-unit of parachute cavalry responsible for bringing security to Airborne Brigade – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil (2006-2007), the 12th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment (2014-2015) and instructor, among others.

Col Alves da Costa has twice been in peacekeeping operations (MINUSTAH – Haiti) as  Brazilian Battalion and Brazilian Army Public Information Center staff.

He Graduated from Class 57 and is currently an advisor (facilitator/mentor) in the Master’s Degree Course of Hemispheric Defense and Security in this College.

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