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Collège interaméricain de défense

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Martha E.G. Herb

Contre-amiral, Marine américaine

Directrice du Collège interamericain de défensa

Lettre de bienvenue

Du directeur du CID

Allow me to welcome you to the Inter-American Defense College and congratulate you on having been designated by your country to be part of this College. As an advisor or student, you will have one of the best experiences of your life at both a personal and professional level. The College has high expectations regarding your performance. This is an international academic institution belonging to the Organization of American States, through the Inter-American Defense Board, whose aim is to assist in the training of leaders who will contribute to strategic decision making in their countries and will help respond to an increasingly complex and diverse Hemispheric Defense and Security environment.


The success of the College is manifested through the outstanding performance of alumni who have held leadership positions with distinction in their countries. This list of IADC graduates includes three presidents, multiple ministers, numerous ambassadors and more than 780 generals or admirals. This will be your heritage and challenge to follow in their footsteps.


Our academic curriculum is structured to encourage participation in the exchange of ideas and the development of research topics related to hemispheric defense and security, as well as in discussion of potential scenarios that will challenge you to analyze and respond to transnational threats. You will be provided an opportunity to earn a masters’ degree in Hemispheric Defense and Security. This program will be an intensive eleven-month curriculum, but will prove enriching for your future.


The aim of the College is to create knowledge and greater participation of our counterparts throughout the hemisphere with a view to positively reshape the region's future. The added value of our institution will be measured by the quality of education provided and the networks established from the warmth and fraternity developed in these classrooms. I therefore invite you to participate in the attainment of our goals and keep foremost in mind that it is our collective responsibility to maintain peace and stability in the hemisphere.


Martha E.G. Herb

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy

Director, Inter-American Defense College


210 B Street Suite 1

Fort McNair Washington, DC 20319-5008


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