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HEMISFERIO aims to promote research on issues related to security and defense in the Americas. It is an annual, non-profit journal with a multi-disciplinary focus linked to the academic program of the Inter-American Defense College (IADC), located in Washington, DC.

As a background, this publication has several volumes of what was formerly called the Revista del CID. However, most of the journal’s volumes followed a report format more than one of scientific or academic articles. Its distribution, moreover, was very limited and was not a continuous publication. From 1962, the year in which the Organization of America States approved the creation of the IADC, to 2007 a total of 30 volumes were published. In 2015, after 8 years without any publications, the leadership of the IADC decided to relaunch the journal with the goal of fomenting research and analysis of defense and security themes, only this time in a scientific focus. Thus, the Revista del CID was reborn as HEMISFERIO and 2015 marked a new phase in the scientific and academic production of the IADC.

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What items are accepted


The spectrum of thematic realms is broad, contributing to the problems of security and defense in the Americas from different perspectives, such as: Strategic Thinking, International Relations, Political Economy, Forecasting Methodology, Geopolitics, Human Rights, Civil-Military Relations, Multidimensional Security, and Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

The editorial policy of HEMISFERIO requires that articles submitted to the publication be original and unedited with the responsibility falling to each author of committing no falsification or copying information that compromises the authenticity of the research.

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